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Post-Cruise Sights and Bites  
Daily starting at 9:30am for 4 hours  
Fare (includes sales tax) Adult: $59 Child Under 12: $49
Tour Attractions
Pike Place Market Space Needle Seattle Waterfront
Pioneer Square Chinatown Floating Bridges
Floating Homes Sleepless House Fremont Troll
Fisherman's Terminal Locks and Fish Ladder Sports Stadiums
Seattle Grace Arboretum Mt. Rainier*
Experience Music Project

We guarantee this 4-hour tour will be the highlight of your visit to Seattle. It's 3 hours packed with all the sights you came expecting to see, covers many you didn't expect, and includes a 1-hour lunch stop at Fisherman's Terminal where the Pacific fishing fleet is moored, including the Deadliest Catch boats. There are four restaurants from which to choose including one of our local favorites, Chinooks, where visitors can expect all the Northwest classics like Alder-planked salmon or halibut and Dungeness crab cakes. The lunch stop is at approximately 11:30am. We pick you up at the cruise ship terminal at approximately 9:00am and drop you at your hotel or the airport at approximately 2:30pm. Your luggage is transported free of charge!

*Mt. Rainier views are weather permitting

Pickup Times Dropoff Times Stops
Downtown: N/A Downtown: 1:45pm Photo: 5
Airport: N/A Airport: 2:30pm Rest: 3
Cruise: 9:00am Cruise: N/A Meal: Lunch
Special Features/Conditions

  • Luggage transported at no charge!
  • Meal not included in price of tour
  • Pickup at all cruise ship terminals.
  • Drop off at all Seattle, Tukwila, and SeaTac area hotels and the airport.

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